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José Luis Cisneros


1998 PhD in Sociology, Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales UNAM, Mexico.
1988 MSc in Criminology, Inst. Nacional de Ciencias Penales, México.
1984 BA in Sociology, UAM-Xochimilco, Mexico.


Other Relevant Qualifications

2003 Specialisation in the Sociology of Organisations, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.
2000 Training in ‘Sistemas de Informacion Geografica del INEGI [National Institute of
Geography and Statistics]. UAM–XOCHIMILCO.
1999 Specialisation in Forensic Anthropology, ENAH, Mexico.
1998 Diploma in Addictions, UAM – Xochimilco CONCADI 1998.
1981 Baccalaureate in Social Sciences, Colegio de Bachilleres, Mexico.

Indicators of Esteem

I am on the Editorial Board of two periodicals and have also held various review positions for academic publishing outlets. I am a member of the National System of Researchers, Level I, and have been invited to advise a range of public institutions regarding crime and public security
policy. Most notably, I have provided advice to the Centre for Superior Studies of the Mexican Navy on a number of occasions and in 2002, I was also an Advisor to the Committee of the ‘Plan General de Seguridad Nacional’ (General Plan for National Security). I have co-ordinated over 20 academic events covering topics as diverse as: impunity and corruption; democracy in Latin America; violence; kidnapping; organised crime; serial killers; fear and social insecurity; urban tribes; pornography; social anthropology; pornography; globalization; and, cultural movements. I have also presented over 200 papers at conferences and seminars on a wide variety of topics including those mentioned above.


A Total of 79 published works.

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